The World Below

Design, Game Development, Illustration

The World Below

The World Below is a 2D side scrolling video game influenced by Filipino mythology and folklore.

In a world without light, a young girl falls off her island in the sky. After recovering from the fall she begins a journey through the remnants of an abandoned villages filled with grotesque monsters and small fragments of light to find a way back to the island. The World Below is a game about a girl trying to find her way home.

The World Below was created using Unity, and is played with an Xbox 360 controller. It was on display at the 2016 exhibition “Mind your Head” in Ann Arbor. In addition to the game, a full concept art book was created and can be viewed here.

Role: Creative Direction, Game Design, Illustration, Animation, Character Design, Graphic Design, Bookbinding, Print
Credits: Jacob Haas – Programming, Cooper Riehl – Music








betelnuts_01 forest_sprite_concept_4